The SlyNails Brand

The SlyNails is not just merely a nail salon. This name means that our studio follows the international nails fashion and dictates of nails fashion in Hungary. Under the aegis of SlyNails, has produced more than ten thousand artificial nails and gel varnishes, and hundreds of nail artists get ideas from us throughout the country. Our guests have found the highest standard of providing, in a demanding environment with an unparalleled choice.

Thanks to the strict internal regulations and the unique SlyNails Guarantee, the SlyNails has set up such a high service standard, that more and more beauty studios in Hungary have started to raising the standard of their own services. Our guests who have experienced the SlyNails comfort and quality are looking for the best service providers in different areas of the beauty industry too.


Who founded
the SlyNails

instructor and product development consultant of Crystal Nails

IT, entrepreneur


Szilvia Balázsi

Szilvia Balázsi who one of the salon's founders is a manicurist, a nail artist and an instructor and product development consultant of Crystal Nails, BUDAPEST OPEN EUROPE CUP 2015 gel varnish Hungarian champion. She started to work in his profession in 2011, and she has a lot of guests in a short time long because she has been more and more better with an incredible speed in her profession. Among others she cooperates with Crystal Nails provided by Elite Cosmetix Ltd.

After one and a half years, she could not accept a new guest, but many of women were interested in her great nail arts. These guests usually indicated that they were not satisfied with services of other providers. Unfortunately experience has shown that many nail artists don't train themselves continuously, so they lag behind new nail art trends and they don't know modern techniques too.

Nail Studio

Because of those problems that have been told above, the idea was born about foundation of our Nail Studio, where you are guaranteed quality of artificial nails, gel varnish, and pedicure services to our guests. Such nail salon does not exist too much in Hungary.

After a strict recruitment procedure all of our manicuring professionals won a place at SlyNails. They have to receive continuous training from Szilvi and participate in further training organized by other companies.

Quality, Solidity, Variety.

In the salon we work with quality, predominantly Crystal Nails products, since our nail studio is a Crystal Nails reference salon. A lot of basic material and colored material made by Crystal Nails can be found in our salon. The latest materials after a few days they have been appeared are present in our product offer. SlyNails is also innovative in this.

Demanding environment, a good mood, a youthful momentum characterize us. We works with acryl, gel and gel varnish too. Our repertiore is expanded by Chiropodists who provide gel varnishes, pampering spa treatments for our guests.



Our trainees are freshly-talented and skilled professionals who deepen their knowledge of undergraduate education and practice in the field of real salon work within the framework of SlyNails Trainee Program


The most skilled trainees will be able to join the constant team of Slynails. After an entrance examination they can work as junior for 3 months then they have to take a senior level exam which giving them a theoretical and practical knowledge. Our juniors provide a little cheaper price than our senior colleagues.


After a successful exam, our nail artists and chiropodists are placed in senior status. They are well acquainted with both gel and acryl nails, the gel-lacquer making and the most diverse decorative techniques are known. The senior price range be regarded as standards, since they form the is the biggest part of SlyNails Team.


It's the Top of nail art profession. Our top category nail artists can not be embarrassed. They are well acquainted with the extreme forms and can make any decoration that is possible on artificial nails or gel-varnish.Besides serving the guests, they are involved in the education and mentoring of their colleagues, and are successful in numerous domestic and international competitions. The TOP category in terms of prices are also the highest, located above than the seniors price

Our Team

Vida Nikolett


Szilvia Balázsi

TOP Professional leader - nail artist

Melinda Veréb

TOP nail artist

Tímea Varga

Senior nail artist

Helén Magyarossy

Senior nail artist

Tamara Egervári

Senior nail artist

Anikó Lakatos

Junior nail artist and chiropodist

Krisztina Bosits

Junior nail artist

Lívia Málik

Senior nail artist

Brenda Gombos

Junior nail artist

Vivien Inzsöl

Junior nail artist

Dávid Siklaky