Advance payment required services

Some of our services may require payment of an advance when booking. Advance payment required service is determined individually at the booking date, but there are services that typically requires advance payment. These are the following:

  • Artificial Nail Construction XL
  • Extreme Shapes
  • Services has over 2 hours preparing time or costs more than 10,000 HUF

Advance payment obligation can be established, if somebody is booking to us at the first time, or if somebody earlier on several occasions late canceled appointments, or didn't come to appointment with no cancelling

to cancel or modify the service included in the advance on time, on the 3rd working day prior to the seized time, up to 12 00. So appointment on Friday no later than Tuesday, 12 00 pm, in the case of appointment on Monday, at previous week Thursday 12 00 have to cancel the appointment. After these dates, cancelling are not acceptable.

Advance payment

The advance is typically 5000 or 10,000 HUF, which can be paid by purchasing a so-called advance product through the SlyNails SHOP. Payment may be made with a credit card, bank transfer, paypal or even cash in the SlyNails Studio. The payment deadline for payment of the advance is the calendar day following the date of booking. If the advance is not received by deadline, the advance payment appointment will be automatically canceled. You only need to buy advance product if requested by the reception or reservation system!


The paid advance will be refunded in the following cases:

  • The prepaid service will be waived in good time
  • The date of the service included with the advance is changed or canceled by the SlyNails Studio

In any other case there is no way to reimbursement of the paid advance, and it can not be used to book another appointments.

The cash advance is refunded in cash, the advance paid on other payment methods is refunded in cash or by bank transfer. Refundable advance can be used in other time in its price



More details about Advance payment required services at Terms and Conditions(Hungarian). Arising questions for us feel free to ask us at our contacts.