SlyNails Guarantee

Every month, hundreds of satisfied guests leaving us, and come back to us again and again. Unfortunately, however, sometimes it happens that a finished nail in need of repair. No matter how small it may seem to the error, make sure you find us safely the next time you before.

Such a repair is usually less than a half hour, and nails are always perfect. We ask that you read carefully through the following few points, that once your nails there's an accident as soon as possible so we can fix the problem.


What are the cases covered by the warranty?

Our nail artists and chiropodists always strive to make the best, most durable nails for you. However, unfortunately, sometimes the edge of a nail may bounce off, a swarovski rhinestone will fall out of ornamentation, or some of the materials may change color in time. If you experience any abnormalities on your artificial nails or gels, please contact us.

All nails made by us are documented with a photo, which is an indispensable prerequisite for the guarantee. Thank you for making a picture of your nails.

Warranty is not valid for our Trainee's works.

What should you do if your nails need to be improved, maybe one needs to be replaced?

In such a case, contact us as soon as possible in one of our usual contact information to arrange an appointment. it is important to indicate the number of nails and the nature of the problem at the time of the order! Then personally, while trying to fix it, we try to find out what could have caused the mistake, because if one of our raw materials is defective, we definitely need to get rid of it. there are some environmental impacts that are not covered by any type of nail or gel-varnish. If, for example, because of your work you can not avoid these effects, we recommend you other materials and techniques to keep your nails fine for a long time! Regardless of the cause of the problem, repair or replacement is always free of charge in the first case.


What is needed to enforce the guarantee?

Because we keep all our guests in our calendar so we will only need your name and phone number. On this basis, we will know when and what service we provided for you. In addition, the sms that you get about your appointment can help us identify. Help also, if you send a picture of your damaged nails, but it doesn't matter if you can't, because we're always take a photo, before the damaged nails are removed.

Thank you for reading it!

We hope you will never need the ones described above, but if there is a mistake, do not wait for your next appointment! Find us right away, and as soon as we can, correct or replace your nails, gel nail polish! The most important thing for us is that each of our guest's nails will beautiful and long-lasting. Thank you for help us.