LastMinute appointments

There is all of our free appointments. If you would like to book immediately you can choose hereunder the best for you with just a few clicks. You don't have to telephone or send messages if you would like an appointment. You can see both of the pedicure and manicure appointments in the real time because we are working with the newest system. It can't happen that after booking we call you because you don't have your appointment.

Our manicurists or pedicurists generally can't do your nails (nail extension, gel lac or pedicure) immediately without registration. But you can do it in your mobile phone anywhere. You can registrate while you book your appointment and if you would like to book a latter appointment you click here and registrate to our client gateway. After a few clicks you can see the appointments which you are interested in.

Sign up to our Client Gateway, look at that what easy the booking with it!

Our LastMinute appointments are today's and tomorrow's appointments which are deleted or not booked. You can book these appointments with a big allowance, but you can't delete them.

You have to pay the price of the service by card immediately after booking the appointment. If you do not pay the price within 10 minutes, your appointment will be deleted automatically. If you delete your appointment or just can't come, we will not give you back the price which you paid.

You can find the particular terms of the LastMinute booking in the 7th item of our Terms & Conditions.

LastMinute appointments
Updated at: 2020-09-26 02:29:08