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The SlyNails Studio as the largest artificial nail salon in Budapest, guaranteeing you the highest quality with the strictest rules. Our work is supervised by a professional leader who is one of the most sought after instructor and product development consultants of Crystal Nails which the world's leading artificial brand is.

Our permanent nails artists works in three categories (Junior, Senior, TOP), which levels can be accessed through working time spent in our studio or successfully passed exams. All of our nail artists and chiropodists provide our services at unified price in their service category.

Our unique SlyNails Trainee Program is a great opportunity for freshly-talented and skilled junior clerks, because they can deepen their skills in artificial nail art and gain experience in real salon work. Our Trainees are waiting for you at a much cheaper price than our regular nail artists at the Slynails Studio.


Our Team

Vida Nikolett


Szilvia Balázsi

TOP Professional leader - nail artist

Melinda Veréb

TOP nail artist

Tímea Varga

Senior nail artist

Helén Magyarossy

Senior nail artist

Tamara Egervári

Senior nail artist

Anikó Lakatos

Junior nail artist and chiropodist

Krisztina Bosits

Junior nail artist

Lívia Málik

Senior nail artist

Brenda Gombos

Junior nail artist

Vivien Inzsöl

Junior nail artist

Dávid Siklaky


Our Services

Gel nail extension

What is the difference between gel and acrylic nail extension? Many people ask which is better, more durable. Long ago, gel materials did not exist, everything had to be done with acrylic and nail polish. Preparing nails of acrylic material is not simple, it requires many exercises. So the gel materials were created, which basic ingredients are similar of acrylic materials. So the workflow was changed, that means easier applying for nail artists. It really doesn't matter what material you choose

Length: It have to be within the 4th unit of Crystal Nails Template
Duration of preparing: about 2.5 hours
Shapes: square, rounded, almond, sharp, narrow square

Acrylic Nail Extension

For weeks, both of them are lasting on the nails. It is observed, that the gel is more durable for somebody's nails, but acrylic is lasting for another one's nails. Unfortunately, only after testing turns it out. However, the fundamental difference is that the gel is more elastic, using an uv lamp is necessary for binding of the material. This is an exotherm process, which it may cause unpleasant feelings for someone. Acrylic is tougher and more rigid than gel and that is the coldest material, it grips on your own nails stronger, odor liquid is necessary for use it. Its characteristic, unique smell is not liked by many.

Length: It have to be within the 4th unit of Crystal Nails Template
Duration of preparing: about 2.5 hours
Shapes: square, rounded, almond, sharp, narrow square


It is called stiletto nails, that length get to the last unit of Crystal Nails Butterfly Template, but the nail's end is gracefully sharp. (Many people confuse stiletto nails with sharp nails. Sharp nail is shorter than stiletto and it is the standard service of full set but stiletto is extreme.)

Duration of preparing: 3.5 - 4 hours

Pipe, Gothic almond, Russian almond, Marilyn

Because of This thee types of nail shapes are listed here, because the most difficult to form them. Their length may be shorter and longer too. Marilyn nails are usually confused with narrow square nails. The technique of Marilyn is very difficult and lot of rules have to be respected to create them.

Length: various
Duration of preparing: 4.5 hours

Long square, long almond

These two shapes are not very difficult, but their length is too long so the time of preparing and the used material is more as in the case of normal services. Becasue of this they are listed to the category of extreme shapes in our salon.

Length: It have to extend beyond the 4th unit of Crystal Nails Template
Duration of preparing: 3- 3.5 hours

Nail Extension refilling

Time of refilling depends on your own nail growth time. For each person, the frequency of nail refilling is different! Refilling of Nail Extension is very important. Regrowth articifial nail lose its stablity, it should be broken off or tilted from your own nail plate. This can damage your own nails. Therefore, if there is no chance refilling nails, regrowth nail extension are needed removing by a professional nail artist. Refilling is done by almost completely removing the previous tired material. Only a thin base layer will remain on the nails, which protect the surface of your own nail plate. Then the new nail extension are built according to the desired pattern.

Duration of preparing: 2 hours (if you would like french or decorated nails) or 1.5 hour (if you would like unicolored or undecorated or simple decorated nails)

Own nails Strengthening

This is name is actually doesn't exist in the profession of nail art. However, it was mentioned to inform our guests. This term means that the length of artificial nail is the same as the own nail length so the artificial nail strengthens your own nail.

Duration of preparing: 2 hours (if you would like french or decorated nails) or 1.5 hour (if you would like unicolored or undecorated or simple decorated nails)

CrystaLac Deluxe

This kind of gel polish is prepared with a strengthening layer that lasts for 3-4 weeks on nails. It is recommended for long or thin nails. The time of normal decoration is also included in the time of preparation

Duration of preparing: 1.5 hours


CrystaLac is the same of CrystaLac Deluxe and contains the strengthening layer. The difference between these two services that CrystaLac is prepared only one color or simple decoration or without decoration.

Duration of preparing: 1 hour

CrystaLac Express

Traditional gel polish is applied without the technique of strengthening. This nail is made up by a base layer, two color layers, and a top layer. Your nails can be simple or solid colored with normal decoration time.

Duration of preparing: 1 hour

CrystaLac Super Rapid

Traditional gel polish is applied without the technique of strengthening. Gel Polish is make up solid color without decoration and it is applied on only blank nails.

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours

Extra decorations

Extra decorations are painted faces, cartoon characters, landscapes or other difficult samples.

Plus decorations

Base price contains the decorations of two fingernails . If you want more of decoration you have to pay extra charge per nails.

Replacing and correction

This service case has been designed, if the guest would like to just a nail replacing or nail correction. This is suitable for those guest who would like to repair their damaged nails which were made in another nail salon and nails are not too old and it is not have to fill in them.

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours

Replacement for any service

We guarantee all nails made by our salon! Read more at: SlyNails Guarantee.

In the case of Gel Polish, price is calculated on the number of nail extension replaced nails.

In the case of filling, the price of replacement shall not exceed the price of full set. So if more than two nails are need replacing you have to pay the price of full set.

Please let us know that your nails need replacement because the duration of preparing of service is ascending.

Top shine re-application

If your nails are not enough shiny because of daily usage you should try this service

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours


Processes of manicure are removing previous nail polish, cutting the nails and shaping with nail file, pushing the cuticles backwards and removing the released cuticle skin, polishing the nails (this step is skippable). The skin softening happens with soaking by disinfecting water or with special skin removing gel. Manicure is recommended weekly

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours

Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure should be preceded by a normal manicure. That's actually not a manicuring technique, but a nursing and amplifier part of the treatment. Beeswax paste is rubbed on the surface of your nail plate and fixed with talcum powder to make the surface even bright. The paste contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can be used to strengthen the thin nails. The bright effect is growing out and faded over time. Japanese manicure is recommended 2-3 weekly.

Duration of preparing: 1 hour

Removing with dry manicure

Processes of removing are only possible with dry manicure. After gel polish or artificial nail removal, we restore the nail's original look. The view of removed acrylic nails or gel polish is not aesthetic without dry manicure treatment, therefore, the full service includes dry manicure.

Duration of preparing: 1 hour

Solid color, french nail polish

You should also ask for a nail polish after manicure, as the service will be complete, but you can apply for this service on its own. The nail polish is made with a base coat and a top coat that will keep your lacquer for up to a week

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours

Aesthetic pedicure

Steps of aesthetic pedicure are soaking with disinfectant, warm water, nails cutting and nails formatting, surface calluses removal, creaming the feet

Pedicure is recommended at 1-1.5 monthly intervals

Duration of preparing: 1 hour


This service is needed when larger problems are appeared. If you can't decide what kind of mutation is located on your feet, you can visit our chiropodists for a quick consultation in a pre-agreed time, who will inform you which service you are needed.

According to the size of problem, medical pedicure is required few weekly.

Duration of preparing: for the first time at least 1 hour, later the time depending on the size of problem - 0.5-1.5 hours

Nail polish or Gel Polish for toes (with foot bath)

In both cases, we begin our service with a disinfectant foot bath. Then Nail Polish or Gel Polish will be applied. Please, at the time of booking let us know which service you would like.

Nail Polish is convenient, it can be removed even at home. But because of ist drying time, it is only recommended if guests can leave the salon with their slippers.

The gel polish is drying fast, so it is a convenient service during the closed shoe period, because of its elasticity, it is comfortably wearable and even nails can be cut at home.

Gel Polish is forbidden on fungal nails!

Nail Extension for toes (with foot bath)

We do not recommend nail extension for toes to those who can not regularly visit us. Because of the hardness of the nail extension, they does not fit comfortably in the shoes and the own nail may be squeezed, resulting bruised nails or even ingrown toenails. If you want to have long lasting and nice nails, ask for gel polish. The gel polish is flexible and can be cut.

Artificial nail is forbidden on fungal nails!

Duration of preparing: 1 hour

Nail Cutting

Nail-cutting as a separate service was born for those who can not bend down due to some problem, for example due to some kind of illness, accident or even pregnancy. In this case, the service is also started with antiseptic, warm water footbath.

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours

Nail correction (for aesthetic pedicure or pedicure)

In case of damaged nails this service is recommended. We make your nail correction with the antifungal fungicide gel, with the technique of nail building up to 1-1 nails

Price of nails correction is counted per nails and the pedicure is required before this service.

Nail correction is forbidden on fungal nails!

Duration of preparing: duration of pedicure + 0.5 hours per nails

Spa treatment

Spa treatments are the part of our wellness services. It is also available as a standalone service but the feeling will be complete after a previous pedicure. After foot peeling, a short foot massage is given, which is completed by placing a nursing mask. You can choose from several fragrances.

Duration of preparing: 0.5 hours


Every month, hundreds of satisfied guests leaving us, and come back to us again and again. Unfortunately, however, sometimes it happens that a finished nail in need of repair. No matter how small it may seem to the error, make sure you find us safely the next time you before.

Such a repair is usually less than a half hour, and nails are always perfect. We ask that you read carefully through the following few points, that once your nails there's an accident as soon as possible so we can fix the problem.

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